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Legal representation in immigration proceedings is strongly recommended. Yes, looking at the possible consequences, should not be optional.

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A motion for reconsideration is filed when the immigration judge erred in its interpretation of the law or the facts.

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Humanitarian visas can be obtained when there is a person in need of medical treatment in the united states in a life or death situation.

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The asylum is sought by fear of returning to their country of origin, based on political opinion, religion, race, natural origin, or membership in a social group.

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A program that gathers the family during the waiting time for it to be available to the visa of the family petition has already been approved.

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This permission can be requested emergency through the local office or by normal route, where the request is sent by e-mail to immigration.

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The work permit is a document that will open the doors to an undocumented person to work legally in the united States.

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Domestic Violence is a serious problem for the family, especially the family that has a undocumented.

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A person inside the united States has a right to go before a judge before being deported.

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The citizenship you can ask for 3 months before you turn 5 years residency or 3 years after becoming a resident.

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The processing of the Residence is an important step in the immigration process that involves submitting multiple applications with the required evidence.

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The request of the family is the foundation of the permanent residence to be through a family member of a citizen or resident of the U.S.

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