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Political Asylum

The asylum is sought by fear of returning to their country of origin, based on political opinion, religion, race, natural origin, or membership in a social group. 

You must apply within one year from the entry into the united States. The person can apply for it affirmatively or defensively if the person has already initiated removal proceedings. The bases of the asylum have to be documented extensively to communicate the fear so great that the person has returned. If it is affirmative, the process involves submitting the application, take the fingerprints and have an interview with an Immigration officer. If it is in front of a judge, they will have several appointments preliminary and an individual where they are presented with evidence, witnesses and testimony of the applicant. It is a very delicate process that should only be handled by an immigration attorney with experience.

Law Nacara

The law NACARA was passed in the Congress of the united States in 1997 by president Clinton.

This law provides several benefits of migration and waivers of deportation to certain Nicaraguans and Cubans, other central american citizens and citizens of countries of the soviet bloc, which have come as asylum-seekers. This law allows them to adjust their status to citizens, permanent legal.

Child Protection act CSPA

The child protection act CSPA is very interesting. Allows an older person to continue being treated as if you were under age. 

The formula is not very complicated, it is more difficult, is the interpretation. The calculation is to take the age of the young person when it came to the turn of the residence, the less the number of years that the request was pending. This is in the case of requests of residents. In the case of petitions of citizens is much more easy. Simply freezes the age that the young man had when the petition is filed.

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