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Jorge Rivera is a very prestigious and renowned immigration lawyer in the Spanish-speaking market, whose credibility is one of their features is recognized. Dr. Rivera used to participate in many television programs and interviews conducted on a frequent basis. Among its investments, including appearances on Univision, one of the larger channels of the country, with a large audience in Los Angeles.

The lawyer provides all kinds of legal advice in cases related to immigration to people in situations of disadvantage from 20 years ago. Both in Los Angeles and the rest of the country, participate in live events, television, social networking, radio, blogs and online publications, being helpful and providing all support to the community.

Dr. Rivera is known for having direct contact with their customers, providing personalized attention and for your total and complete honesty. That way he managed to gain the trust of each person who is advised, and become a pillar of the community.

More than 20 years of experience
We know all laws to detail
We always tell the truth

Thousands and thousands of cases are resolved favorably
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