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Immigration lawyer New York

You reside in New York  and need to check for issues related to Immigration?

Immigration lawyer, and one of the most renowned experts on the topic throughout the united States. Dr. Rivera dedicated his career to all Spanish-speaking residents. The responsibility and work ethic are some of their renowned features. Dr. Jorge Rivera is a regular participant of a large number of Television programs, radio programs, and newspapers.
Many of their units have been in channels of national and international renown, with a wide public in the New York area.

Dr. Rivera offers legal advice to all cases related to immigration, and with experience more than 20 years. Both in New York city as in the rest of the country, their participation in events is a huge help to the entire community.

Dr. Jorge Rivera offering personalized attention at all times maintaining a close contact to all of its customers. It is for the excellent care offered, that is recognized for their friendliness and professional honesty. And with this methodology is that it achieves confidence in all of her customers. And your success at work, in addition to their personal characteristics, is what makes a fundamental pillar of the community.

  20 years of experience
  Expertise and thoroughness in all laws to detail
  In all sincerity

  Hundreds of Thousands of cases resolved in a way favorable
  We have, without doubt, the best team of professionals

Abogado de inmigración Jorge Rivera

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