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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is a serious problem for the family, especially the family that has a undocumented. Domestic Violence is a crime and is the cause of arrest.

For undocumented immigrants who commit the crime, or who are accused of such, they will cause you to take a “ICE HOLD.” This means that the person is not going to be able to pay a bond in the context of criminal and currently have freedom. We accept the deposit, but does not release it. Detain the person until he is presented as “ICE,” the Immigration police, and delivered to them the physical custody of the detainee.

Already in the custody of ICE, if the person already has a deportation, is in immediate danger of being deported. The family should contact the attorney immediately to try to prevent the deportation physics. If you do not have a deportation order, they are put in deportation proceedings before an immigration judge. Depending on the situation, you may qualify for a bail bond in front of the judge, therefore, it is also a point where legal representation is a must.

When the undocumented is not the aggressor but a victim of domestic violence, should report the incident and cooperate fully with the authorities. Not only for the right thing, but because the report and to cooperate with the authorities, you may be eligible to apply for a U Visa, if the police or prosecuting attorney certifies that he was the victim and that helped. The U-Visa is a complex process, but very positive because when you are approved to give him a work permit and is a way for the residence. Please contact the immigration attorney immediately if you are a victim of domestic violence.

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