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Family Petitions

A request of the family is the foundation of the permanent residence if it is through a family member of a citizen or resident of the united States. Only citizens or residents can make requests by family members and only for certain family members.

Who makes the request, and for that family, it determines in which category is the request. Possibly, the request is made along with the residence while in other circumstances, it has to be done first, and hope that it will be approved and that there is a visa available for the category, to be able to apply for the residence, if the person is eligible.

The process of the request of the family is complicated by the evidence that must be submitted to support approval. All requests are entitled to evidence different because they are based on different relationships. People with deportations should proceed in making the request with the idea of trying to re-open the case or wait for a reform if it is necessary. Are you people at the same time, they must protect provide information that would help to Immigration to stop them is a very defined.

By using a lawyer, you are assured that the lawyer will ask for all of the evidence necessary to avoid a denial and also ensures to be the point of contact in any communication from Immigration.
In cases of deportation, the attorney takes certain precautions to avoid that the applicant be detained. Do not stop to consult with a lawyer to take this important step in your immigration case.

Requests Promised/or

Requests fiancée or fiancé they are better known as the visa fiancé.

These visas are recommended when the man or woman they want to better understand your partner and you prefer to come the bride or the groom to the united States for 3 months. During these 3 months have to decide if you are to be married. If you are getting married can apply for the residence. If you are not married then the bride or the groom have to return to your country.

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