Dapa will be a law 

  The Illinois Congressman Luis Gutierrez, asserted that Republicans do not have votes in the Senate to overturn executive actions of President Obama on Immigration, nor to override the President’s veto of  any law that Congress passes against undocumented immigrants in his words Congressman Luis Gutierrez said: have no doubts, of  which was approved by […]

Obama future changes 

The White House advice on Wednesday that it cannot been made suppositions for the changes of President Barack Obama, to the norms of Immigration, about the base of a new contract proposed by the Department of National Security, to have enough resources to process up to 34 million labor permits and documents of residence for […]

Immigration Interview 

A young Salvadoran married an American citizen and even married she was very flirtatious. She wore provocative clothes showing more than what she should and wherever she went she flirted with other men. The Salvadoran was married for love, but he also wanted to get the papers. Therefore he endured this. They went to the […]

Taking action regarding Immigration 

After all threats Congress has made because President Obama has said he will take executive action on the subject of immigration, Obama knows that the measures taken will have a great opposition. So, his lawyers are carefully preparing legal arguments which are considered to be able to survive any challenge. The argument is this: Beyond […]

Trying to find solutions 

Many people are insecure. They do not know what to do. Different lawyers have told them different things. They seek advice and they find that they can take a first step, such as a petition, or maybe they qualify for dreamers, or for the law of 10 years. The big question is: what do they […]

Dreamers parents requests 

Young people who received the benefit of deferred action are asking President Obama to extend the benefit to their parents. This is what logic dictates. How it is possible to protect the young students while their parents are deported? The same system is separating families because most of these young people live here with their […]

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