Why take the Immigration Legal Services Group.

The team of 15 attorneys has gone through much study looking for solutions, and consult different legal opinions within the team, so we could advise clients on the fastest alternative of major possibilities of success, of minor risk, and the most economic for the client. This service is a special advantage that every client has, compared to the legal services of an attorney that acts only with one legal opinion. We are proud of our evaluation of the possible solutions of each one of our cases which are checked through different levels of attorneys.


  • Project of Permanent Resident for Dreamers 4/10/2014

    Republican Congress Member of  California  whose name is  Jeff Denham  endorsed by other 42 legislators, offered to the  House of  Representatives,  a project of law that would give the legal residence to dreamers that serve in the armed forces of the United States. They  consider  that it is a good option for the Immigration  reform. The only problem is that the benefit  will be possible  for  hundreds of thousands but less than one million immigrants in total, and this obviously, would not solve the problem of the  11 million undocumented immigrants,  even though, the Republicans are opposed to this project of law. Imagine, if they are opposed to give  the residence to the young person’s  that serve in the armed forces,  how they are not going to be opposed to a residence for millions of  families that really need it.

  • Immigrants rights against Immigration 4/9/2014

    The hearing  on the demand against the officers of Immigration,  was won by them, but the lesson that we learned on this case,  is that they do not have the right to enter in  a house simply with an order of deportation. They do not  have  an arrest warrant or an order to search inside a house issued by a judge, therefore,  we do not have the obligation to open the door  for immigration if they knock  at the door of the house. If the demand has been gained or  lost, it does not change anything. They  continue violating the rights, they continue the  abuses, this it is the reality  the  immigrants live every day with, so we have to continue trying, we have to defend ourselves, have to fight, appeal. Immigration  often make mistakes  in the interviews, in the court, in everything   at all times during the process. There are many mistakes and we have the  right to appeal and to defend ourselves.

  • Possible vote for the Immigration Reform 3/29/2014

    The Democrats in the House of  Representatives are going to present a motion to try to force the Republicans to have a vote on the Immigration  reform, the problem is that in order that they approve this motion they need the support of 24 republicans to be able to come to  the necessary 218  votes and it is not expected the support of the Republicans,  even  from the ones that support the Immigration reform because they do not want to defy the Republican leadership. Therefore, in summarized   accounts, what we had  is,  the Democrats  pushing for the Immigration reform, the Republicans blocking it, and in reality ,   until we have elections  at the end of the year,  and we have a potential change of leadership in the Congress is going to be extremely difficult,  almost impossible to have an  Immigration  reform,  because the Republicans are not  collaborating in allowing a vote for the  Immigration reform,  which is   what we are  needing and had  been fighting for  several years.

  • President Obama blames congress for deportations 3/29/2014

    President Obama is  blaming  the Congress for the high number of deportations, more than 2 million persons  have been deported during the Presidency of Mr. Obama. He says that it is the Congress  fault. They duplicated the number of agents of deportation, actually,  they are considering  the policies of deportation inside the country, because  President Obama has asked for a review of the practices of the deportations and is possible that they suspend the deportations that do not have criminal antecedents. It would be the ideal thing and a relief for our communities and the families that are being separated day after day. One  thousand  persons are being deported daily  from the United States, and It is a situation considered  unbearable for the Hispanic community, let’s hope that  President Obama takes the correct decision and  fulfill   his electoral promises to support the immigrants.