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  • Americans protest by immigrant children 7/24/2014

    We have seen large protests by American citizens who do not want young people who have crossed the border without their parents in their communities. Protests continue from California to Arizona. The last one was in a town called Oracle, in Arizona. Three thousand seven hundred people joined a protest against young people who were placed in a state shelter because they had arrived without their parents. So the topic of children crossing the border without their parents has turned emotions and nationwide protests on in different cities. What people who are complaining do not understand is that these young people have been escaping from rape, murder, threats, beatings given to them by criminal groups, coyotes or human traffickers. It really is a matter of life and death for many of these young people who come to the United States. Check your case calling Jorge Rivera and Immigration group to 888-578-2276.

  • Illegal immigration. 7/23/2014

    Last year the Border Patrol stopped around  420,000 people trying to cross the border in an undocumented way. These levels are so low that they are almost historical because the last time we were at these levels was in 1973, when the border patrol stopped less than half a million people. We were already used to levels of 1.6 million people arrested at the border trying to cross illegally. That was in 2000 and it had remained at those levels. This year we had a large amount of young people crossing, but there has only been an increase of 50,000. However, if we add 50 to 470 the result does not approach the historical levels of 1.6 million. So why do they say that there is an invasion, that the border is out of control, that they can not stand the number of people who are coming? What they are saying makes no sense if we are in the lowest historical levels in 40 years. For help with immigration call Jorge Rivera and Immigration Group at 888-578-2276.

  • Immigrant illegal trafficking 7/23/2014

    Coyotes are behind the billionaire immigrants’ traffic. It’s a sweet deal although it is illegal. They charge between five and ten thousand dollars per person to take them through different routes to the United States. This business is booming for the arrival at the border of thousands of children who come from all Central America. Reports show that the business is generating about 6.6 billion dollars a year. This is incredible. What happens is that traffic networks are moving hundreds of immigrants at the same time. They bribe officials, gangs operating in the tracks of trains, and drug cartels that control the routes to the north while they endanger the lives of persons they transport. Thousands of people disappear every year due to this. For help with immigration you can call Jorge Rivera and Immigration group at 888-578-2276.

  • Crisis humanitaria en la frontera. 7/22/2014

    We can not close our eyes to the humanitarian crisis that we are currently having with so many children coming across the border without their parents. They are children who risk their lives trying to escape from the violence and problems of their countries and seeking freedom. However, rather than protect these children and treat them as refugees, Obama wants to deport them faster, directly from the border without having the right to go before a judge. His goal is to deport them as soon as possible.
    The groups defending the rights of inmigirantes oppose the president’s proposed changes because it is not logical or fair to deny the right to go to court to fight a case to a child who needs protection. On the other hand, if these these children are sent before a judge, the fifty-nine courts of immigration in the United States will see a flood of forty-three thousand new cases of these children who crossed the border. These cases of children are going to be prioritized. They will be taken into acount before all adult cases that are already pending.
    The only good thing about this is that 96% of these children were given to their families. The numbers show that 55% of the children were given to their parents. This proves that the majority of children come alone, but their parents who live in the United States are the ones who hire people to bring them. The most important recommendation for families and parents is not to go alone with their children to court. It is very important to have a good representation in immigration court to convince the judge not to send their children back.