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The team of 15 attorneys has gone through much study looking for solutions, and consult different legal opinions within the team, so we could advise clients on the fastest alternative of major possibilities of success, of minor risk, and the most economic for the client. This service is a special advantage that every client has, compared to the legal services of an attorney that acts only with one legal opinion. We are proud of our evaluation of the possible solutions of each one of our cases which are checked through different levels of attorneys.


  • Executive Action 7/1/2015

    Legal experts say that the situation for Executive Action in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals is difficult. This is because they have been appointed to the panel of three judges. The name of the appeals judges  are Edward and Smith. They blocked the Executive Action before. Because the third judge surnamed Kim, was appointed by a Democratic president, this could make a difference. But the truth is that victory is anticipated at the Supreme Court of the United States. The big question is, how long will take the Supreme Court to make a decision? Please leave a comment and tell us what you think about this. Thank You

  • Executive Action’s Benefits 6/29/2015

    Many people think that the only benefit of executive action by President Obama will be the work permit. This permission will benefit about 5 million undocumented immigrants who are parents of US citizens or residents. But the work permit is not the only benefit. Because they are going to accelerate the process of family petitions; in order to,  no have to wait that long, because there are people waiting over 20 years for his residence. It also will allow the wives, spouses and minor children of US Residents do forgiveness within the country. This action would benefit millions of people. Please leave a comment and tell us what you think about this. Thanks

  • The Supreme Court 6/18/2015

    The Supreme Court took an important decision for immigrants who have a deportation order. In many cases they will allow them to reopen their removal proceedings to have a new opportunity and fight their cases. Just they decide the case of a Mexican called Reyes Mata. In this case the customer’s previous attorney did not reopen the case within 90 days. The client sought the help of another attorney but it was too late. The Lower Court said he could not reopen the case but the Supreme Court corrected all other lower courts saying that yes, they had to give him another chance. This is an important precedent that can be applied to many people. Please leave a comment and tell us what you think about this. Thank you.

  • Corte Suprema 6/18/2015

    La corte suprema tomo una decisión importante para los inmigrantes que tienen una orden de deportación. En muchos casos les van a permitir reabrir su proceso de deportación para tener una nueva oportunidad y pelear sus casos. Acaban de tomar la decisión en caso de un mexicano que se llama Reyes Mata. En este caso el abogado anterior del cliente no reabrió el caso durante los 90 días. El cliente busco la ayuda de otro abogado  pero ya era muy tarde. La Corte Inferior le dijo que no podía reabrir el caso pero La Corte Suprema corrigió a todas las otras Cortes Inferiores diciéndoles que sí, tenían que darle otra oportunidad. Este es un precedente importante que puede ser aplicado a muchas personas. Por favor, deje un comentario y dinos lo que piensas acerca de esto. Gracias.

  • USA Citizen’s Benefits 6/25/2015

    Imagine the benefits of becoming a USA citizen, not only will you be able to participate in the elections of 2016, but may help your family in a way that you could not do before. Because the requests of US citizens take precedence over all others, especially when we are talking about the wives or husbands. If you have a US citizen spouse tell submit the request for you as soon as possible. Also an American citizen can claim his parents, on the other hand, a resident can not. Furthermore, an American citizen can claim his brothers and include nephews under 21 years, which is a great advantage. Please leave a comment and tell us what you think about this. Thanks

  • Father’s Day 6/23/2015

    A few days ago we all celebrate the Father’s Day. Did you know that there are millions of  parents with undocumented,  residents or American citizens children in United States? Those millions of parents have not resolved their immigration status. The big question is, Are you one of those parents? What will you do to avoid being separated from your family? What will you do to protect  and help your children? The saddest thing is when we see one of these parents being deported back to their country. As a result of deportation they are separated from their children and it is very difficult to get them ahead in life. Please leave a comment and tell us what you think about this. Thank you.

  • What are you willing to lose? 6/23/2015

    What are you willing to lose? Are you willing to lose your house, your car, your job, your family, your wife, your children. Probably are, you are not willing to lose any of these things. Therefore, we have to defend everything that has cost us so much to get. Therefore, we have to fight because if we do not have papers in the United States you are in danger of losing everything. So we have to find all the ways to get the papers and as a result be legal in the United States. Please leave a comment and tell us what you think about this. Thank you.

  • ¿Lo quisieras perder todo? 6/23/2015

    ¿Que estas dispuesto a perder? Estas dispuesto a perder tu casa, tu carro, tu trabajo, tu familia, tu esposa, tus hijos. Lo mas probable es que no estas dispuesto a perder alguna de estas cosas. Por lo tanto tenemos que defender eso que tanto nos ha costado obtener. Tenemos que luchar porque si no tenemos papeles en Los Estado Unidos usted esta en peligro de perder todo. Por eso tenemos que buscar todas las vías para poder obtener los papeles y como resultado ser legal en Los Estados Unidos. Por favor, deje un comentario y diganos lo que piensas acerca de esto. Gracias.