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The team of 15 attorneys has gone through much study looking for solutions, and consult different legal opinions within the team, so we could advise clients on the fastest alternative of major possibilities of success, of minor risk, and the most economic for the client. This service is a special advantage that every client has, compared to the legal services of an attorney that acts only with one legal opinion. We are proud of our evaluation of the possible solutions of each one of our cases which are checked through different levels of attorneys.


  • Danger of deportation 9/24/2014

    Deportation is the biggest danger to immigrants. It is followed by crimes and fraud. Deportation is a danger because immigration is looking for people who have orders of deportation; either at the border or with an immigration judge. These are the people who go home to look at dawn. Please note that you do not have to open to immigration even if they are knocking at the door. Take great caution with immigration with adresses. Offenses as a violation, a fight, a murder, drugs, domestic violence are serious because they cause an arrest. The police call immigration right there, and immigration can deport the person for committing a crime. Commiting a fraud such as impersonating an American citizen or pretending a marriage is also dangerous because it brings punishment that sometimes is for life with immigration. Beware of deportation, crimes that one can commit and frauds that one can do to immigration. For help with immigration call Jorge Rivera and Immigration Group at 888-578-2276.

  • Deportations on 2014 9/16/2014

    According to the Associated Press, immigration has deported 258.608 people in the last year. That is compared to the 320.167 people they had deported the previous year. This means that deportations have declined by 20 %. President Obama would like to tell Hispanics that he is responsible for the decrease in deportations, but that’s not true. The reason of the decline is that there are 240 cities across the country who have rebelled against immigration and they are not following the plan of safe communities, which requires police to detain immigrants for two days after their arrests, so immigration can go, pick them up and deport them. Therefore, this is because cities are not complying with the requirements of immigration. Consult your immigration case by calling Jorge Rivera and Immigration Group at 888-578-2276 .

  • Immigration is not your friend 9/13/2014

    Today I am going to give you an advice that is pretty strong. Some of you may be alarmed, but it is true. Immigration is not our friend. It is our adversary. I say this because many people go to immigration to be helped you with their cases, to be adviced. Imagine someone calls immigration and says: “I have entered several times crossing the border, but I have never been caught and now I want to become resident based on my American citizen wife. The advice of Immigration will be that you have to put all those arrivals and departures in the applications, even if you have not been detained by immigration at the border. Logically, they will deny your case or they will discourage you and say: “Go back to your country”. But that is not the best advice. The best advice is: “We have the right not to incriminate ourselves under the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution and, therefore, we must be careful about what we say or not it to immigration. Immigration also wants to know, for instance, in applications, if we have committed crimes for which we have not been arrested. We must take great care when dealing with immigration because they are not our friends. For help with immigration you can call Jorge Rivera and Immigration Group at 888-578-2276


  • Delay on Executive Action 9/11/2014

    The immigrant community and congressional Democrats who defend them have expressed great frustration with the announcement from the White House that the president will delay taking executive action until after the election. They feel betrayed again because there was a deadline and the president has delayed taking the decision once again. But let’s follow the calendar. There are just eight weeks missing to the election of November 4. Therefore, President Obama would have a time frame between November and December to make a decision that probably would come before Christmas, when all the country focuses on the holidays. The most appropriate time is after the elections, when there are newly elected congressmen, but they do not start ruling until January. Therefore, this would be the perfect time for the president to make a decision that does not affect the election. For help with your immigration case call Jorge Rivera and Immigration Group at 888-578-2276.