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Why take the Immigration Legal Services Group.

The team of 15 attorneys has gone through much study looking for solutions, and consult different legal opinions within the team, so we could advise clients on the fastest alternative of major possibilities of success, of minor risk, and the most economic for the client. This service is a special advantage that every client has, compared to the legal services of an attorney that acts only with one legal opinion. We are proud of our evaluation of the possible solutions of each one of our cases which are checked through different levels of attorneys.


  • TPS and Dapa 1/20/2015

    Many people are asking me and tell me, I have a family petition, a U visa, a case of domestic violence, TPS but I  also wants to file for the  executive action, and the answer is that it can in some cases and in others not, for example, if you have  a family petition, that does not give you a legal stay in the country, so you can apply for the  executive action at the same time, but if you have the TPS, if you get a legal stay  within the country, and therefore  you could not apply for the executive  action, the key is that  the person must have been illegal for November 20, the day that President Obama made the announcement  for the  executive action, if  you were legal with a case approved,   you cannot  apply for the executive action.

  • TPS and Dapa 1/20/2015

    Muchas personas me están preguntando  y me dicen, yo tengo una  petición familiar,   una Visa U, un caso de violencia domestica, un  TPS  pero al mismo tiempo quiero hacer la acción ejecutiva, y la respuesta es que en algunos casos se puede y en otros no, por ejemplo, si uno tiene una petición familiar, eso no le da una estadía legal dentro del país,  así que si se puede hacer la acción ejecutiva al mismo tiempo, pero si no tiene el TPS, si le da la acción  la estadía legal dentro del país, país y  por lo tanto no se pudiera hacer la acción ejecutiva, la clave es que   la persona tiene que haber estado ilegal para Noviembre 20, el día que el Presidente Obama dio el anuncio de la acción ejecutiva, si estaba legal con un caso aprobado que le daba la estadía legal entonces no se puede.

  • Excluded from Dapa 1/8/2015

    People who encourage illegal immigration of their relatives to the United States, will be  excluded from  any  migrant relief;  announced  the White House  on Monday,   warned   the Department of Homeland Security, the warning is included in an advertising campaign, aimed primarily  to  Mexico and Central America, the White House does not want parents who will qualify for  the executive action of President Obama, which gives them legal work permits and stay,   try to help their wives and children, coming across the border illegally, paying coyotes or waiting at the border to bring  them to  the state in which they live,   if Immigration   grabs them,  will be excluded  from the  executive action of President Obama.

  • Permission to work 10/29/2014

    The Conservatives affirm that Obama is planning to legalize millions of undocumented immigrants, this is the most interesting news, because, why the Republicans have to be commenting on what President Obama is going to do or not. But Jeff Sessions, Republican Senator who is the President of the Committee of Budget of the Senate, says: Obama is preparing the emission of authorizations of employment and legalizations of Status for millions of individuals who are illegally inside the country, and is doing it to attack the President and to raise the opposition against what Obama can say.