12. What kind of queries or services is not offered? 

Currently we do not offer consultations for Visas Petitions Labor or Labor.

11. If I’m not happy with the response of the query you return me the money I paid for the consultation? 

Immigration Group makes every effort to resolve your case, but does not allow the reimbursement of money because they do not in all cases the client receives the response you expect. Remember that the answer to your query is based on immigration laws and is answered by lawyers with extensive experience.

10. Can you guarantee me that if I make the query take my case? 

For an Immigration Attorney Group can make a case, it is first necessary to make a query, then the attorney will decide whether to take the case according to the circumstances of each individual.

9. Do you guarantee that my case has a solution? 

Unfortunately no one can guarantee that. What if we guarantee is that a lawyer will answer your questions based on current immigration laws and will make recommendations to prevent falls in fraud and / or make mistakes that will cause irreparable problems.

8. Why is there a charge for processing the query by phone or online? 

The consultation process requires additional services and resources which have no connection or link with the value of the query.

7. If I order an internet consultation response will be the same as heading to the office? 

The answer to your question will be exactly the same for Internet, telephone or by contacting the office we recommend using our service by phone or online by clicking HERE.

6. What the helpdesk line is for ? 

For technical support and customer service with consultations offered on the internet or by phone.

5. I can get in touch with the lawyer Jorge Rivera or one of its lawyers phone? 

You can call by phone at 1-888 578 2276. You can touch the button CLICK HERE obterner one to one telephone consultations of lawyers buying online consultation travez of our website for greater ease.

4. Can i contact a lawyer using the method of online help or using the contact form? 

Lawyers can only be contacted using the query service, click HERE for a consultation.

3. Can they take my case online? 

This can be determined by the attorney after you get a question if you need a consultation please click HERE.