• Jeb Bush’s Decision 5/29/2015

    The possible Republican candidate Jeb Bush has said he would no cancel the Executive Actions of President Obama until The Congress approves Immigration Reform. Gradually, Republican candidates are changing their position because they know the Hispanic vote will be with candidates who support and defend the executive actions. If we did not have executive actions, we could spend eight more years of a president. As a result we would not have a decision of the Congress or enough votes to approve an immigration reform.

  • Arrest of Immigrants 5/27/2015

    Thousands of mothers were arrested on Mothers Day and this is lamentable. Last July, more than 2,500 undocumented immigrants, mostly women and children, were taken to four centers in Texas and Pennsylvania. This provoked a reaction of national and international groups, including “Human Rights First.” The group says they do not know how it is possible that in a country that stands for democracy, is holding families whose only crime was to escape from the violence and the pursuit of one of the most dangerous places on earth. So, it’s sad to see so many mothers detained by immigration. Please leave a comment and tell us what you think about this. Thank you.

  • Judge will take decision 3/12/2015

    The  Federal Judge Andrew Hanen  from Texas,  the same judge that temporarily blocked  the executive action of President Obama;  now  he says  that he will not make a decision until March 19, but this gets more interesting because the Justice Department will file an emergency appeal to the Court of Appeals of  the Fifth Circuit,  asking them to raise this temporary blockage of the  executive action on March 11, and there are twelve states who say they are going to join asking that the executive action proceed within their states, therefore, this is becoming  a battle of states in which  26  states do not want the executive action and 12 states does.

  • Juez pospone decision 3/12/2015

    El juez Federal de Texas Andrew Hanen que bloqueo  temporalmente  la acción ejecutiva del Presidente Obama ahora dice  que no va a tomar una decisión hasta Marzo 19, pero esto se pone más interesante, porque el Departamento de Justicia  va a someter una apelación de emergencia a la Cámara de  Apelaciones del Quinto Circuito pidiéndoles que levanten este bloqueo temporal de la acción ejecutiva para Marzo 11,  y hay doce estados que dicen que se van a unir  pidiendo que la acción ejecutiva proceda dentro de sus estados,  por lo tanto, esto se está convirtiendo en una batalla de estados, en los cuales 26 dicen que no quieren la acción ejecutiva y 12 dicen  que sí.

  • Requirement for Daca 2/10/2015

    What should do  the dreamers who qualify for executive action with the latest changes President Obama announced to be implemented in February 18, but first, is whether they qualify, and there are three basic things: number one, having entered before 16 years; number two, having entered before January 1, 2010 and Number Three have his title of high school or currently studying, either by title or its equivalent, such as GDE by the internet, therefore, once they know who qualify, collect evidence, choose your lawyer, are the same forms no new regulations and apply as soon as possible after February 18.


  • Detained aliens and Dapa 1/29/2015

    Do you  know that  at any moment  are more  than   30,000 people  detained  in the United State,   and that  a  percentage of these people qualify for the  executive action by President Obama for being  for  more than five years in the United States and have children  that are resident or US citizen, therefore this is an emergency call, anyone who has a family member or friend who remains detained despite qualifying for  the  executive action,  do not have to wait the regulations,  do not have to wait to apply for a work permit,  has to act now, to come out, your attorney  has to go and  ask the deportation officer to release you.  You have to  act as soon  as possible.

  • DAPA protection 1/8/2015

    Do  the protection of deferred action authorized by President Obama ,  take effect already,  the answer is yes, specifically to protect people in detention centers or in front of an Immigration Judge , all those cruisers who qualify for this deferred  action, should be alerting deportation officers  to release their relatives , friends or acquaintances who are detained and if they are in immigration Court,  should being asking the Immigration Judge to close the  deportation proceedings because they cannot issue a deportation order , if someone qualifies for this deferred action.


  • TPS for El Salvador 1/8/2015

    The United States has extended TPS for more than 200,000.00   Salvadorian,  who qualify, and this extension will last 18 months from March 9, 2015 to September 9, 2016,  you will have 60 days to make your renovation,  starting from January 7 2015, therefore,  we urge all Salvadorians who qualify,  to  take advantage of this extension since they  do not qualify for the executive action of President Obama because there is a requirement that they had to be illegal for November 20, the day of the announcement, so , we must seize the TPS.

  • Republicans took control 11/7/2014

    The Republicans took control of both Chambers of the Congress, for the first time since  2006, now they are the majority in the Senate because they took seven  new seats, therefore, the great question now is what is going to happen with Immigration, if the Republicans are in control of both Chambers of the Congress, according to Mitt Romney, the Republican candidate  who lost before  President Obama two years ago, says that they are going to pass  the Immigration  reform, but first,  they will  face the problems of the border, second,  after they  find a solution for  the 11 million undocumented immigrants and third,  to have a more transparent politics in order that the persons come legally to the United States.

  • Possible Deferred Action 10/23/2014

    President Barack Obama is trying to grant deferred action to more of 9 million undocumented immigrants, reported the Newscaster Univision on Monday, mentioning an article published by the site Breitbart, Univision reported that in a draft of the office of the Citizenship and Services of Immigration, the Agency request the manufacture of 4 million cards that are used for different types of identification, but also contains an additional order for a sudden increase of 5 more millions, something that the Conservatives consider a clear sign, added, I believe that this report reflects that they are preparing for more of it, millions of persons, 5.6 millions that possibly are eligible for some type of relief, said Adolfo Falcón, Republican Strategist, Clarisa Martinez de Castro, Vice-president of the National Council of the Race said that this type of information like the one published on the site, is use to try to stoke the fire against the immigrants’ community and against the advance of the Immigration Reform. There are interesting things, because on one hand, you cannot say that when the river sounds, is because brings stones, really they think that President Obama is going to give the benefit, but they are using it against the immigrants also.

  • Delay on Excecutive Accion 9/10/2014

    The White House imposed a new deadline with the promise of making changes by the end of this year after the announcement on Saturday about the delay in executive actions regarding Immigration. President Obama has the intention to act and he will do so by the end of the year according to Cecilia Munoz, domestic policy adviser in the White House, but we are also in a highly political environment right now. For advocates of immigration reform, a promise of action later this year is taken with many doubts as the government has reversed its deadlines in the past. At least they are talking about a period in which it is expected that President act. It is better to have a new deadline than being completely left in the air without knowing when, how, or what the president can do in the future. At least now we know we have to wait after the elections and we expect action before the end of 2014. Check your immigration case by calling Jorge Rivera and Immigration Group at 888-578-2276.


  • Obama will act soon 9/10/2014

    President Obama already has recommendations about immigration and he promises to act soon. The President said this at a conference in Wales during a NATO conference and promised to read on his flight back to the United States the recommendations about immigration made ​​by the Secretary of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson, and General Attorney, Eric Holder. He said he would act soon. This comes along with the recent announcement that he would take no action before the November elections because some congressmen convinced him to wait, so he does not affect their chances of being reelected. We now expect these recommendations that have been made to the White House to be public to see if there is a deferred action for parents of dreamers and American citizens included. If the recommendations include that proposal, we just have to wait until the election. For help with immigration call Jorge Rivera and Immigration Group, LLC at 888-578-2276.

  • Imminent Executive Action 8/28/2014

    The White House is drafting a legal justification to blame the Congress to support imminent executive decision of President Obama on immigration, facing what is expected to be a strong opposition to the law. The government plans to argue that Congress did not offer resources to fully enforce federal laws and that gave the White House the authority to take executive actions to fix the problems of immigration in the United States. This is the last evidence we have that indicates that the White House will make an executive law that can help millions of people in the United States. It is expected a deferred action that can benefit the parents of American citizens and parents of dreamers. That’s the expectation that we have and it seems that this will happen but still has not become a reality. For help with immigration call Jorge Rivera and Immigration Group at 888-578-2276.

  • Dreamers parents requests 8/19/2014

    Young people who received the benefit of deferred action are asking President Obama to extend the benefit to their parents. This is what logic dictates. How it is possible to protect the young students while their parents are deported? The same system is separating families because most of these young people live here with their parents. They are not alone. Many of them are 15 to 21 years old. They need their parents and immigration has failed to protect them. They continue deporting their parents and these youngsters can not be alone here without their them. Common sense says to extend the benefit to parents. For help with immigration call Jorge Rivera and Immigration Group at 888-578-2276.

  • Danger at the border 8/18/2014

    What happened to more than 60,000 youth and children who disappeared during the past years within the vast Mexican territory? What nobody says is that children and young immigrants are vulnerable when they are in the Mexican territoriy to exploitation, sexual trafficking, to be victims of crime, to suffer serious violations of their physical integrity because mostly they are absorbed by the organized crime networks subjected to sexual exploitation, work slavery and assasination to be sold in parts to organ traffickers. Thus many children and young immigrants die in the attempt to reach the paradise of the United States of America. This is very sad because they have reached more than 60,000 but more than 60,000 have dissapeared. When I see this news, it really makes me fear for those young people who are crossing the border in Mexico. Check your immigration case calling Jorge Rivera and Immigration Group at 888-578-2276.

  • Denied bail to mothers 8/8/2014

    The government has denied bail to Central American women with babies “for national security”. These mothers with young children and whose conditions for asylum are poor, are being treated as if they were dangerous criminals. The government of the United States is forcing immigration judges to deny the bail of these mothers seeking asylum after coming to the country in recent weeks. They say releasing them would generate more migration from these countries, undermining national security and borders. The legal vice-director of the ACLU of Southern California, Ahilan Arulanantham said it is a sad day in America when the Obama administration claims that some young mothers with babies who escape for their lives, are a threat to national security.

    Lawyers say this policy contradicts the practice of taking each case separately. This means that there is a general policy to use these immigrants as an example for others to take warning and not to come to the United States. Formerly, if a mother with a little child came asking for protection, she passed the first interview to determine if they actually had an asylum case. Bail was usually granted to them. The treatment these women are receiving is the same that is given to immigrants with criminal record. The government argues that the border crisis will be worse if they are released. However, the way they are being treated is a serious human rights violation.

    It is worrying that most of these mothers have little children and are detained in a makeshift detention center where there are poor conditions. They are simply treated as if they were a threat to society. This can happen to any immigrant. We have, for example, several cases of dreamers who had not sought help and seek it when they are already detained. The judges are denying them bail until their cases of deferred action are approved. We must find a solution before being arrested to avoid all this that is happening to people who fall into the hands of immigration.

  • Children on the border 8/8/2014

    Vice-president Joe Biden made some comments that contradict what the president has asked the Congress. He says that children of the border do not belong to someone else, but they are now our children and that judges will have a difficult decision having to choose which of the children will have to go and which ones can stay. At the same time, President Obama is trying to take away the right of children to go before immigration judges, taking away the opportunity to present their cases and to present if they really have a fear of persecution if they return to their countries. The reality is that many of these children fear for their lives but President Obama wants to deport them right there at the border without having their day in court before a judge and the opportunity to present their cases. What kind of fair system is this which children are deprived of the opportunity to defend themselves and the government want them to be deported the fastest way possible? Incredible but true. For help with immigration you can call Jorge Rivera and Immigration Group at 888-578-2276.


  • Safe houses are risky 8/6/2014

    Jason Owen, chief of operations of the border patrol of Rio Grande Valley, said the coyotes take immigrants to safe houses where there is often no water, food, air conditioning or beds. Those who arrive there are usually victims of rape, kidnapping and all forms of abuse. Also, coyotes are always trying to talk to relatives of immigrants who are in the United States and trying to extort them to get more money. For coyotes people coming to the border are not human, said the head of the border patrol. You have to take all this into account, especially when it comes to children, women and even men because they use them as a way to get more money and they are willing to do whatever is necessary to accomplish their goal. Obviously, we do notwant to put our family in that situation. For help with immigration call Jorge Rivera and Immigration Group at 888-578-2276

  • Deferred action retained. 8/6/2014

    Republicans in the House of Representatives managed to pass a proposal to retain the deferred action for young undocumented students known as dreamers. This has outraged activists and dreamers because they can not believe that Congress approve something to take away their legal stay and to deport them, but Republicans say the proposal does not detract them from the benefits that have already approved by President Obama. The only difference is that it prohibits extending the benefits of the deferred action to the parents of U.S. citizen children, which is what is being anticipated in Washington. The impact that this proposal has had is that now is a reality that the House of Representatives may approve something but the Senate would not approve it because it is controlled by the Democrats, neither the president would allow a proposal to become a law this way. He would make a veto to a proposal like this. Check your immigration case calling Jorge Rivera and Immigration Group at 888-578-2276.


  • Solution of immigration case 8/5/2014


    Many people are insecure. They do not know what to do. Different lawyers have told them different things. They seek advice and they find that they can qualify for different things, such as a petition, the deferred action for students or the law of 10 years. The big question is whether or not they take the risk. Are they intimidated by all those people who have told them they can not do it, or are they brave to take that first step? The question is whether we will do something in America to solve our cases or if we will stay like this forever. Many times it is difficult to take a chance with that first step but nothing ventured nothing gained, and if you do not take the first step to look for a job, a couple, or a solution, your immigration case will never be solved. Therefore, we have to try and not let fear or insecurity intimidate us. For help with immigration you can call Jorge Rivera and Immigration Group at 888-578-2276.


  • Family Petitions 8/1/2014

    Many people ask me what kind of family may petition them  because they would like to start their cases with a family petition. Not all family members can do it. For example, a grandfather, an uncle, a mother-in-law can not ask one. The only people that can fill a petition are a father or mother, husband or wife, U.S. citizen son over 21, or  U.S. citizen brother. These are the relatives who can do that petition. Having it is very important because it gives us a defense, an argument to say that this immigrant has family ties in the United States if the person is caught by immigration. Based on those ties we can request them to stop the deportation. Have family requests in mind as a first step so if you can not do the residence at least there is an argument to avoid the deportation of the person. For help with immigration you can call Jorge Rivera and Immigration Group at 888-578-2276.


  • Immigration Plan of action 7/31/2014

    Our immigration case gets better or worse. It will never stays the same. Let’s talk about how it can get better. We begin to take the first steps, which would be a family petition, requesting the record of the border, apply for a U visa, having a plan of action and begin taking steps to resolve our situation. Eventually you will be able to obtain a work permit and then the residence if you find your way. But the case can also get worse if we drive without a license, for example. The first time the police stops us and they release us, but the second time they take us to immigration officers. When we are detained the situation is much worse. Keep in mind that the immigration situation is not going to stay the same forever. It will get better or worse, depending on what we do. If we do nothing, it is going to get worse, but if we take the necessary steps it will improve and eventually we will resolve our case. For help with immigration, call Jorge Rivera and Immigration Group at 888-578-2276

  • Immigration crisis 7/31/2014

    President Obama promised to give a fair and humane response to the crisis caused by the influx of Central American children and young people who come without papers, but he asked the presidents of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, that they make efforts to promote a safe, organized and legal immigration from their countries. The four presidents agreed to work for a comprehensive plan that addresses the  causes of child immigration crisis and, at the same time, fight against organized crime and misinformation that is spread by nets of traffickers and coyotes. The most important point here is that youth and children continue arriving because by the time they arrive, they are released to their parents. They have a chance to fight their cases before an immigration judge, and the judge decides whether to deport them or not based on the situation, conditions and persecution they have suffered in their countries. Some cases are won others are lost, but we must do everything possible for them to stay and to protect them. For help with immigration call Jorge Rivera and Immigration Group at 888-578-2276

  • Immigration Crisis or not ? 7/30/2014

    Statistics show that illegal immigration to the United States has declined, although detention of Central American children who arrive alone has increased. Last year the Border Patrol detained 420,000 people trying to cross the border without documents. These levels are so low that they are almost historical, because the last time we were at these levels was in 1973 when the border patrol caught less than half a million people. We were already  used to levels of 1.6 million people detained at the border trying to cross illegally. That was in 2000 and it had remained at that level since then.

    What makes the situation on the border different today is the kind of people that cross it and where they do it. This year we had a large amount of youngsters crossing the border. The problem gets complicated with the arrival of over 55,000 people traveling as families, mostly mothers with children. Like immigrant children, the majority of them is from Central America. However,  there has only been an increase of 50,000. If we add 50-470 the result is not even close to the historical levels of 1.6 million.

    President Barack Obama described the situation as “urgent humanitarian crisis” prioritizing it and asking Congress the approval of 3,700 million dollars immediately to act to reinforce the points of entry of the border. However, after analyzing these figures it is incomprehensible why they say there is an invasion, that the border is out of control and that they can not stand the number of people who are coming. What they are saying makes no sense now that we are at the lowest levels in history in the last 40 years.

  • Your immigration case is unique 7/25/2014

    My advice for today is do not be carried away by what other people say. Each family or individual’s case is different for the details it may have. The fact that your neighbor qualified, or that the case of your nephew, or someone you know have been denied does not mean that your case will be denied as well. However just a difference in the two cases can determine the residence for one and the negation for the other. Let’s take an example. Two neighbors got married to American citizens, but one of them had a previous petition from his father before April 30, 2001. The one who has this petition qualifies to pay the fine and to be resident in the country. If one of them was arrested at the border he may have a deportation. He does not qualify for the residence and the other qualifies. You have to find out about your own case and not be swayed by what other people say. For help with immigration can call Jorge Rivera and Immigration Group at 888-578-2276.


  • Immigration crisis 7/24/2014

    The Department of Homeland Security has called for immediate action by pointing out that the overload  at the border and immigration agencies has caused them running out of money during the next two months. The homeland security secretary, Jeh Johnson, said that doing nothing is not an option. Both parties are looking for a solution to answer the request for 3.7 billion Obama asked to address the humanitarian crisis of youth who are coming across the border without their parents. However, there are major divisions between the two parties because they do not agree on the change in the laws of deportation the president has asked to deport young people faster. Democrats say the young people deserve a chance before the judge in order to fight their cases but Republicans want to deport them faster. It is most likely they do not agree this year, especially since the August recess it’s just around the corner. For help with your immigration case call Jorge Rivera and Immigration Group at 888-578-

  • Humanitarian crisis at the southern border 7/22/2014

    We can not close our eyes to the humanitarian crisis that we are currently having with so many children coming across the border without their parents. They are children who risk their lives trying to escape from the violence and problems of their countries and seeking freedom. However, rather than protect these children and treat them as refugees, Obama wants to deport them faster, directly from the border without having the right to go before a judge. His goal is to deport them as soon as possible.

    The groups defending the rights of inmigirantes oppose the president’s proposed changes because it is not logical or fair to deny the right to go to court to fight a case to a child who needs protection. On the other hand, if these these children are sent before a judge, the fifty-nine courts of immigration in the United States will see a flood of forty-three thousand new cases of these children who crossed the border. These cases of children are going to be prioritized. They will be taken into acount before all adult cases that are already pending.

    The only good thing about this is that 96% of these children were given to their families. The numbers show that 55% of the children were given to their parents. This proves that the majority of children come alone, but their parents who live in the United States are the ones who hire people to bring them. The most important recommendation for families and parents is not to go alone with their children to court. It is very important to have a good representation in immigration court to convince the judge not to send their children back.

  • Children entering U.S.A. in record numbers 6/24/2014

    It is estimated that by the end of 2014, 90,000 children will enter without the company of their parents through the border of Mexico and the United States. The vast majority of these children will be able to be in America for years, study in public schools and even work without danger of deportation, because there is a serious problem with immigration courts and the delay is huge. During this delay they can be in the country for years. They only deported less than two thousand of these children crossing the border alone last year. Right now the U.S. government is asking two billion dollars to the Congress to try to address this problem of children crossing the border. Let’s see what happens because the budget is overloaded. Check your case calling 888-578-2276.

  • President Obama has made a mistake in Immigration 6/18/2014

    President Obama has made ​​a serious mistake. He thought that by applying the immigration laws and deporting a record number of immigrants-more than 2 million people- he was going gain support from the Republicans to pass the immigration reform since he was doing everything possible to enforce immigration laws. However, to his surprise, Republicans criticize him in any way. They do not accept that he has implemented the immigration laws more strongly than any other president. They do not recognize that he is responsible for over two million deportations. They blame him for the people who are undocumented immigrants crossing the border. They also blame him for having violated the law by granting work permits to undocumented students. There is no way to please Republicans. For assistance with immigration you may call 888-578-2276.

  • More cities will not cooperate with Immigration 6/14/2014

    The city of San Diego joins cities across the country that are saying that they will not cooperate with immigration. It is added in California to San Francisco, San Bernardino, Riverside, Sacramento and nationally to other cities like Denver, Philadelphia, Baltimore, South Florida, Washington DC, Maryland, Connecticut. More and more cities are saying that they will not cooperate with immigration and the main reason is money. It costs millions of dollars a year to stop people so Immigration can go and take them and immigration does not pay them a cent. What would their motivation be to stop people when they can release them before and thus immigrants  would have no impact with immigration. Check your case by calling 888-578-2276

  • Renewal of deferred actions and permission to travel. 6/14/2014

    Immigration announced that it will officially begin receiving renewals of  young students known as dreamers. Since Thursday last week they began to receive requests. There are 560,000 students who have already their permission to work approved under the deferred action, but supposedly over a million qualified. There is a gigantic amount of young people who have not applied, you should take this opportunity not only because it gives  legal stay, protection from deportation, work permit, driver’s license in many states. They can also request a travel permit which allows them to leave and re-enter with a legal entry and is easier to become residents that way. If you or someone you know qualifies for deferred action as a student you have to find out because it is a great opportunity. Check your immigration case by calling 888-578-2276.

  • Renewal of deferred action approved 6/14/2014


    Thousands of young people across the United States are taking their opportunity to renew their deferred action, known as Dreamers. Students are granted legal permission to work and stay in the country for two years. More than 560,000 young immigrants took this opportunity but now the renewals will not be all at once. It is recommended to apply 4 months before the expiration of the work permit that currently have and obviously, not all of them were given at the same time. Remember that thousands of young people are applying for the first time, either because they did not apply or because they were not 15 years as minimum age required to apply for the first time. I recommend them also to apply for the travel permit that gives them a legal entrance. This enables them to obtain residency. They must continue to meet all the requirements to complete the renovation and most importantly, they can not have committed any offense that might disqualify them. Check your case by calling 888-578-2276.

  • Pressure on President Obama to ease deportations 6/14/2014

    The pressure on President Obama to take administrative action to ease deportations for immigrants is increasing. This comes after the defeat of the second most powerful representative of the House of Representatives Eric Cantor. It is said that he lost the elections precisely because of its position in favor of immigration reform. This means that the Republicans in the chamber will be afraid to act on the reform and therefore the president will be in the situation that Congress will not take action before the August recess. Doing something to help immigrants and to meet their electoral votes and the deadline that has been given to congressmen will be in his hands. The situation is not improving but getting worse but the president is the only one who can do anything at this time. Check your case by calling 888-578-2276.

  • President Obama can reduce deportations 6/14/2014

    President Obama has no legal limitation to decrease or control the deportations because he is the one who decides when and how many people are deported. The only limitation is the policy which is fictional but because Republicans already blamed him and say they have not wanted to pass immigration reform because they do not trust the president obama fulfills any law they pass regarding immigration reform. He is the one who loses to the Republicans in Congress because they will always attack and criticize what he does. As long as he does not give permanent residency to immigrants- something that is illegal and impossible for him to pass- he has full authority and full discretion over what is done on deportations and that’s where we expect that he acts if congressional Republicans decide not to pass immigration reform this year.