Project of Permanent Resident for Dreamers

Republican Congress Member of  California  whose name is  Jeff Denham  endorsed by other 42 legislators, offered to the  House of  Representatives,  a project of law that would give the legal residence to dreamers that serve in the armed forces of the United States. They  consider  that it is a good option for the Immigration  reform. The only problem is that the benefit  will be possible  for  hundreds of thousands but less than one million immigrants in total, and this obviously, would not solve the problem of the  11 million undocumented immigrants,  even though, the Republicans are opposed to this project of law. Imagine, if they are opposed to give  the residence to the young person’s  that serve in the armed forces,  how they are not going to be opposed to a residence for millions of  families that really need it.

Immigrants rights against Immigration

The hearing  on the demand against the officers of Immigration,  was won by them, but the lesson that we learned on this case,  is that they do not have the right to enter in  a house simply with an order of deportation. They do not  have  an arrest warrant or an order to search inside a house issued by a judge, therefore,  we do not have the obligation to open the door  for immigration if they knock  at the door of the house. If the demand has been gained or  lost, it does not change anything. They  continue violating the rights, they continue the  abuses, this it is the reality  the  immigrants live every day with, so we have to continue trying, we have to defend ourselves, have to fight, appeal. Immigration  often make mistakes  in the interviews, in the court, in everything   at all times during the process. There are many mistakes and we have the  right to appeal and to defend ourselves.

Simple solutions for undocumented Aliens


The Congress members are so   complicated  by the offers of an Immigration reform in the past, that  they have never come to an agreement  yet, because they want to solve the problems in the border. They want to work with the students, with the workers of high technology, of the agriculture, of the internal safety, work permit, residence, citizenship. They complicated it so much,  that is difficult  to come to an agreement, instead of looking for easy solutions,  for example,  to extend the  245-I law, that expired  on April 30 of 2001, which allows the persons to pay a fine of $ 1.000.oo  dollars, for having entered undocumented, if they have a familiar  or a labor petition before this date, April 30 of 2001,  for example, of an American son or  a boss. If they  extended   this law of  13 years, since  April 30 of 2001 until April 30 of 2014 or 2015, millions of  persons would be  benefit, without  the need of a new law, simply extends a law that already exists, something like that,  could be an  easy solution.

Obama Care and Undocumented Aliens

Many persons are asking me  about the Obama Care, they are worried by the deadline of March 31 that already passed,   for  the fines, the medical coverage;   an undocumented person does not have the obligation to  fulfill with the Obama Care, it is not indispensable that  they had  a medical insurance, is good if a person without papers of immigration,  can have a private insurance  if it is possible, can have coverage, but it is not obligatory, they are not going to apply any fine to him,  do not apply  for the deadline, because they do not have legal  stay,  they do not have a Social Security number,  and  they can make it  an  obligation under these circumstances,  so  that you  know, if  you  have work  permit, residence or citizenship,  you have  to register with Obama Care, if  you  do not have it is optional and not obligatory.  Do not fell oblige.

President Obama is not willing to stop deportations


President Obama has said that it is not an option to stop the deportations while the Congress decides if it’s going to approve an Immigration reform and at the same time, he does not give an explanation about why he is not going to stop the deportations, in spite of the strong critiques from the groups that defend the rights of the Immigrants, saying that it has no sense that they continue deporting the persons who are going to qualify for the migratory reform.



How to react to Immigration mistakes

Many persons feel that Immigration has committed a mistake in their  case, like  they deported them,  or  deported a relative, detained a love one, denied his case, and it is important to understand that Immigration  make  mistakes every day, is not a perfect Agency, as any agency of the government, they make  mistakes, commit faults, and are subject to demands, appeals, judicial orders, and it is a constant battle with any agency of immigration or of the government, nobody  is exempt, so if you feel that immigration has done something wrong in your case, anything  improper, that  they did not give  you  an  opportunity,  that they  could had had more consideration,  you can always  appeal,  you can always  demand, immigration not always has the reason, so it is necessary to try, is never necessary to fight and  It is possible to demand, immigration not always has the reason, so it is necessary to try, it is necessary to fight and  never give  up  without a  fight.

Permission to travel outside of United States

Many persons wanted to  go visit  their  relatives  in their  countries,  never lack that  somebody   has not seen their  father,  mother or  children  for more than 10 years, what  happens frequently  is that someone in  the family  falls ill,  and there is an emergency for  going to see them and  be with them before they could lose them, but  a  travel permit can only be granted if is base in another  pending case,    for example, a request of residence, an approved  of asylum, the TPS, the deferred action, and there are other cases, especially with the TPS and the deferred action  for the students. The travel permit  is super important, because if they do not have deportation,  and  allows them  to go out  of the country, and with a legal entry, it opens the doors  for them  to be  able to become residents on  many different ways as for example, a  familiar request, or  from a  company or  from  a boss.


Possible vote for the Immigration Reform

The Democrats in the House of  Representatives are going to present a motion to try to force the Republicans to have a vote on the Immigration  reform, the problem is that in order that they approve this motion they need the support of 24 republicans to be able to come to  the necessary 218  votes and it is not expected the support of the Republicans,  even  from the ones that support the Immigration reform because they do not want to defy the Republican leadership. Therefore, in summarized   accounts, what we had  is,  the Democrats  pushing for the Immigration reform, the Republicans blocking it, and in reality ,   until we have elections  at the end of the year,  and we have a potential change of leadership in the Congress is going to be extremely difficult,  almost impossible to have an  Immigration  reform,  because the Republicans are not  collaborating in allowing a vote for the  Immigration reform,  which is   what we are  needing and had  been fighting for  several years.

President Obama blames congress for deportations

President Obama is  blaming  the Congress for the high number of deportations, more than 2 million persons  have been deported during the Presidency of Mr. Obama. He says that it is the Congress  fault. They duplicated the number of agents of deportation, actually,  they are considering  the policies of deportation inside the country, because  President Obama has asked for a review of the practices of the deportations and is possible that they suspend the deportations that do not have criminal antecedents. It would be the ideal thing and a relief for our communities and the families that are being separated day after day. One  thousand  persons are being deported daily  from the United States, and It is a situation considered  unbearable for the Hispanic community, let’s hope that  President Obama takes the correct decision and  fulfill   his electoral promises to support the immigrants.

Legal base for permission to Work


What many people  want is a work  permit,  and what they do not know  is  that is not possible to ask for the work permit  alone, it has to be based on something as for example a request of asylum, TPS, deferred action, the residence, inclusive it is possible to obtain the work permit  when someone has a request of the law of 10 years, or with a final order of deportation, if  they grant  you  an order of supervision, but the key is that the work permit  is always given with  something else, they do not give it independently, so the work permit  is something indispensable for many persons because,  the moment  that you  have it,  you are  already legal,  you cannot  be deported, but  has to be  based on something, to have to  be  able to obtain it, so my recommendation is that be  advise well, to be able to obtain this work  permit, that we want so badly.