• Migratory corridor 4/24/2015

    Considered the hottest migratory point of the continent, through the corridor that goes through Mexico into the United States cross 12.2 million immigrants per year which is 6% of global immigration. From Central America to the southern border of the United States is the most voluminous and more dangerous corridor. The most dangerous parts are the ones passing through the states of Veracruz and Tamualipas because those are the areas controlled by the Zetas cartel. Immigrants face mistreatment, extortion, threats, kidnapping, physical and sexual abuse. The point is, if it has cost us so much to reach the United States, now that we are here we have to find a solution to avoid having to return. Please leave comments and tell us what you  think about this. Thank you.

  • Executive Action pending 4/20/2015

    The Hearing on President Obama’s executive action took place in April 17, the 3 judges Higginson, Elrod and Smith, made tough questions for both sides,  the Department of Justice and  the Republican Governors of  the 26 states, they did not  showed  favoritism for one or the other, the judges did not take a decision or give a date for taking it, but a decision is expected in the coming weeks, which gives us much encouragement to be on the lookout for something positive or negative.

  • A race against time 4/16/2015

    The executive action of President Obama, is a race against time because Republicans are trying to extend the appeals process as much as possible, to get to the elections of 2016 and that the future president will not extend the executive action. This is because they know that history is against them. Because only two executive actions have been overturned by the courts and the historical trend in the Supreme Court of the United States, has been left quiet executive actions of presidents, President Obama knows this, so he’s pushing the judicial process.


  • Date for Executive Action 4/15/2015

    Now that the Court of Appeals had set a date for an audience of executive action April 17, we have a deadline for written arguments, and a possible decision for the month of June. We must follow the advice of President Obama to prepare documents and the evidences.   And as a lawyer I say that  we must be prepared, prevented and protected by  the executive action. We have no hope of another change, something new; they are not considering an immigration reform, a massive legalization, all we have is the executive action. We must be ready, and look for a lawyer, God willing we will get the final victory.

  • Be prepared and protected 4/15/2015

    The big question for you today is what will  you do?  Will you prepare for the executive action, to be ready, prepared and protected, or not? Or you are not going to do anything waiting to see what happens in the Courts, and make a decision later. The question really is to whom you will listen.  To  President Obama who  is telling people to be prepare, to be ready, having your  documents, and the  lawyers  who are saying nationwide to  be prepare, to be  protected, or will you pay attention to  people on the street who are  saying  that we should wait and see what happens. Obviously you have to pay attention to the President and lawyers.


  • Judge is not colaborating 3/20/2015

    Judge Andrew Hanen, the one that blocked the executive action of President Obama,  has a  hearing for March 19. But that audience is not to unblock the executive action, simply to hear arguments of the states and the federal government. Because they accused the administration of President Obama of violating the temporary blockage of the executive action, granting work permits for three years to dreamers who were renovating. Those three years was one of the changes of the executive action from President Obama, to give a permit for  3 years instead of 2 years. That  is  why the Justice Department presented the emergency motion to the Court of Appeals.

  • Juez busca excusas 3/20/2015

    El Juez Andrew Hanen, el que bloqueo la acción ejecutiva  del Presidente Obama, tiene audiencia para Marzo 19.  Pero esa audiencia,  no es para desbloquear la acción ejecutiva,  sino que simplemente  para escuchar argumentos de los estados y del Gobierno Federal.   Porque acusaron a la Administración del Presidente Obama de violar el bloqueo temporal de la acción ejecutiva,  otorgándoles el permiso de trabajo por 3 años a los dreamers que lo estaban renovando.  Esos tres años  era uno de los cambios de la acción ejecutiva de parte del Presidente Obama,  para que el permiso fuera por 3 años en lugar de por 2 años. Por eso es que el Departamento de Justicia presento la moción de emergencia a la Cámara de Apelaciones.

  • Looking for alternatives 3/17/2015

    What do I do if I do not qualify for  the executive action? I have no children, I did not qualify for the DAPA and I do not enter the country before the age of 16, so I  do not qualify for the DACA. Therefore, we have to look for alternatives and I will mention other options: family petition, if you have a family member who can file a petition, if you were victim of a crime, the U visa, deferred action for humanitarian reasons, the law  of the 10 years, stop deportation, asylum, the pardon  within the country, marry for love, so there are many alternatives. You have to find the one that is perfect or ideal for you.


  • Options with Immigration 3/6/2015

    People are asking me on the radio what they  should do, do  the family request from  a wife, a father, a son, brother, or  file for the  executive action,  and I tell them, you have to do both, because  one  does not interfere with the other.  They  work together,  the executive action is going to give a work permit, travel permit to leave and enter legally, and with that legal entry combined with the  petition,  you can obtained the  residency without having to leave, without asking for a pardon  or pay a fine.

  • Arguments against Dapa 3/6/2015


    The 26 states that sued President Obama to block the  executive action on Immigration, are now arguing that they will  spend millions of dollars in profits that  would not recover,  for individuals who are not going to pay, but the interesting thing of all,  is that if they  present arguments,  and obviously they will oppose the executive action  not take effect , they do  not provided any single prove of the  specific numbers, damages and  expenses,  they just say that  are going to spend millions and that’s it, is not enough to stopped the  executive action.


  • People in favor of DAPA 3/6/2015

    Thousands of persons went to the streets in Los Angeles to show and ask that   the temporary blockage of  the executive action be raise , the fact that the hopes of almost half of the undocumented population are placed in the executive action of President Obama because there are not prospects for an  immigration reform right now, this battle in the Courts and in  the Congress have many anxious, desperate and worried because the  work permit and legal stay depends on it, not only for the  parents,  but the dreamers, the spouses of residents,  who will be able to make the pardon within the country and the people who benefit from family  petitions,  that can became  residents faster,  are hopeful that soon the executive action is unlocked.


  • Obama defends Dapa 3/3/2015

    President Obama appear at a public meeting in Miami to defend  the  executive action and said some interesting things, including regretting that the Congress is  taking the  executive action as an excuse for not approving the budget for the Department of Homeland Security when national security depends on it, but he also said that he will continue to aggressively defending the executive action in the legal battle in the courts and is fully confident that at the end of the day, the executive action will proceed and will benefit nearly 5 million people, and he  urge those who qualify, to prepare to implement, gathering documents.

  • Prepare documents- Dapa 3/3/2015

    There is a popular saying among the  Hispanics that says “Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today” and this has a very distinct application for the  executive action because millions of people have done absolutely nothing to gather evidence for the executive action, but the same President Obama recently said in a speech in Miami, people who qualify for the executive action must be prepared gathering documents, the American Immigration Lawyers Association also recommended,  they you  should seek  advice from  a lawyer , gather evidence and prepare yourself.

  • Do not give up 2/25/2015

    People who have an arrest do not have to give up. Automatically, when they have an arrest they say, I will not qualify. I am not going to do anything, that would be a big mistake, there is a percentage of people that will be eligible, either because the charges are dismissed, because the offense was minor, because you can clean the case, or because it is a crime for  which always qualifies the person even if you have it, for several different reasons, you must seek advice,   this is a complication that in some cases can be overcome.


  • Divorce- executive action 2/24/2015

    The question of  many people is that if they are going  to qualify for the executive action if they are  divorced,  it does not  matter if they are divorced, or  separated, or if they have not been married, in any of the publications from  immigration about the executive action, there is a  requirement that people  has to form a family,  that be  inside a  marriage with their children, the father and mother  will qualify, whether they’re together, separated, divorced, no matter what, what is  important is to  have your children .

  • Delay in imigration courts 2/12/2015

    Immigration courts are delaying the cases of thousands of people, more than four years until 2019, something never be seen, but the reality is that is good and bad at the same time, let’s start with the bad news, ending with  the good,  many of these people will qualify for  the executive action therefore,  when  qualify and have your work permit,  will  be better to close these cases of deportation and do not even have a hearing, the bad news is that  some people want to have a decision in their cases to see what they will do with their future in the United States.


  • Criminal record and Dapa 1/26/2015

    Many people call me to  the radio and ask  me:  If I  have a criminal record, will  I qualify for the  executive action of President Obama, for parents of children resident or US citizen, and the answer is, it depends, if found guilty of a  mayor crime,  a felony,  then this automatically disqualified you, or if he was found guilty of 3 or more  minor crimes,   known as misdemeanor then you are also automatically disqualified, but the key is that  you  must have been convicted as guilty;  if they were dismissed charges, is not enough and always qualify.


  • TPS and Dapa 1/20/2015

    Many people are asking me and tell me, I have a family petition, a U visa, a case of domestic violence, TPS but I  also wants to file for the  executive action, and the answer is that it can in some cases and in others not, for example, if you have  a family petition, that does not give you a legal stay in the country, so you can apply for the  executive action at the same time, but if you have the TPS, if you get a legal stay  within the country, and therefore  you could not apply for the executive  action, the key is that  the person must have been illegal for November 20, the day that President Obama made the announcement  for the  executive action, if  you were legal with a case approved,   you cannot  apply for the executive action.

  • TPS and Dapa 1/20/2015

    Muchas personas me están preguntando  y me dicen, yo tengo una  petición familiar,   una Visa U, un caso de violencia domestica, un  TPS  pero al mismo tiempo quiero hacer la acción ejecutiva, y la respuesta es que en algunos casos se puede y en otros no, por ejemplo, si uno tiene una petición familiar, eso no le da una estadía legal dentro del país,  así que si se puede hacer la acción ejecutiva al mismo tiempo, pero si no tiene el TPS, si le da la acción  la estadía legal dentro del país, país y  por lo tanto no se pudiera hacer la acción ejecutiva, la clave es que   la persona tiene que haber estado ilegal para Noviembre 20, el día que el Presidente Obama dio el anuncio de la acción ejecutiva, si estaba legal con un caso aprobado que le daba la estadía legal entonces no se puede.

  • Excluded from Dapa 1/8/2015

    People who encourage illegal immigration of their relatives to the United States, will be  excluded from  any  migrant relief;  announced  the White House  on Monday,   warned   the Department of Homeland Security, the warning is included in an advertising campaign, aimed primarily  to  Mexico and Central America, the White House does not want parents who will qualify for  the executive action of President Obama, which gives them legal work permits and stay,   try to help their wives and children, coming across the border illegally, paying coyotes or waiting at the border to bring  them to  the state in which they live,   if Immigration   grabs them,  will be excluded  from the  executive action of President Obama.

  • Permission to work 10/29/2014

    The Conservatives affirm that Obama is planning to legalize millions of undocumented immigrants, this is the most interesting news, because, why the Republicans have to be commenting on what President Obama is going to do or not. But Jeff Sessions, Republican Senator who is the President of the Committee of Budget of the Senate, says: Obama is preparing the emission of authorizations of employment and legalizations of Status for millions of individuals who are illegally inside the country, and is doing it to attack the President and to raise the opposition against what Obama can say.

  • Extention of TPS 10/22/2014

    The extension was announced of the TPS for the Honduran and Nicaraguans and this was a very good news for these two communities, I tell you why, they had the TPS for more than 15 years and whenever there is a renovation they are worried that it will not be renew again, we already known that it is not going to be forever therefore, at any time they can cancel it, this time they extended it for the relief of 87.000 persons that qualify for the TPS from Honduras and Nicaragua. The time to renew this work permit is until December 15, of this year 2014. They extended it for 18 months from January 6, of 2015 until July 5, 2016. The most important thing is that our people not only apply for a work permit but also for a travel permit, to be able to go out and return, and with this legal entry it is easier to obtain the residence with a familiar or laborer petition.

  • You could have a case 10/20/2014

    I am illegal inside the United States, and I want to know if I qualify for something. The response is that it is possible, if you have a relative that can file a petition for you, if you have been a victim of a crime, assault, lawsuit, theft at gunpoint, domestic violence, in end, if she has been a victim of a crime it could qualify, it has suffered pursuit in his country, goes more than 10 years inside the United States, and has wife, parents or children who are resident or civil Americans, some disease or problem of health suffers you or his family, is a student that I enter before 16 years, all these are possibilities if it answers positive to someone of these questions, then it is possible that if it qualifies for something, clearly, it is necessary to be 100 sure %, it is necessary to do more questions to see if it expires with With the requirements, but in general, if I answer if to someone of these questions, it is possible that it is eligible for the residence or a work license, therefore, it is necessary to ask, it is necessary to quarrel, it is necessary to have patience and see if it qualifies for something, so maybe it is eligible.

  • Hispanic vote 10/20/2014

    Do you know how many Hispanics are inside the country., result that there are 53 million Hispanics, who are the 17 % of the American population, but alone they are 10 % of voters, according to the Hispanic center PIU, there are 23.7 million Hispanic voters, but in the last election of 2012, only participate 12.5 million of these voters, that is, half of all the Hispanics who could have voted, did it, it is something tremendous because imagine the influence that the Hispanics could have, twice the one they have at this moment, if all the Hispanics could vote, and that is not the worst, there are 7 million residents that have not become American citizens, in spite of the fact that they qualify and the main reason is because they are afraid of the English, imagine, we have to become American Citizens and have to vote to have more power and influence for the Hispanics.

  • Immigration- Elections 10/17/2014

    The lack of an Immigration reform and the delay of an advertisement of executive actions on behalf of President Obama, could allow that the Republicans should recover the control of the Senate, there are 6 States that could change position and control from the Democrats to the Republicans, this are Colorado, North Carolina, Georgia, Arkansas and Iowa. These will be the States where the control of the Senate is going to be defined, because the Republicans only need to gain 6 positions to take the complete control of the Congress since it is very probable, that they do not lose the House of Representatives that is already conservative, or, we are facing a critical situation in the elections, and what happens, the Senators who asked President Obama to postpone the decision on the deferred action, may have cost to his Party, the control of the Congress, and if the Republicans take control of both Chambers, The Senate and the House of Representative, it will be on their hands, to direct the Immigration Reform.

  • Abuses against Immigrants 10/15/2014

    There are new denounces for abuses against the Immigrants, a study indicates that they take reprisals against community Organizers and Immigrants, who realize campaigns against the deportations, they take the rights of visits from the relatives of arrested, and use the solitary confinement to punish those that organize inside the centers of detention, the activists accuse to ICE of being accomplices in some cases, of stimulating violations of the civil and human laws for working with agencies that have been accused or are under investigation for racial profile, use of quotas and corruption, these are strong accusations against Immigration, because seemingly according to these studies, they are abusing really the rights of the Immigrants, and are punishing them for being Organizing manifestations in opposition to the deportations, this is not fear, is unjust, is inhuman and they deserved to be demanded, and all goes out to the light, in order that they stop doing it.

  • Immigration increasing 10/15/2014

    A strengthening in the economy of the United States, has provoked the major increase in the Immigration in this country, from before the recession, stimulated by new immigrants of Asia and a rise in Hispanic people, the number of born persons abroad in the United States grew in 523.400 last year according to the office of the census, the number overcome the net increase of about 446.800 on the previous year, and is the major official increase from 2006, the numbers do not separate the immigrants with documents of the undocumented, the population of immigrants in the United States is increasing, legally or illegally, about half a million persons every year but, but at the same time, are being deported more than 400.000 persons, therefore, the population of immigrants tends to increase, but it is minimal, more or less the same amount that enters is what goes out, forced by the deportations.

  • No trust in Obama 10/9/2014

    President Obama went to a Gala Dinner at the Hispanic campus where there were celebrities from Washington, from Hollywood and he, in this reunion said to them: 6 years ago I asked you to believe and now I asking you to keep believing, speaking specifically to the Hispanics, to believed that he was going to help the immigrants, the problem is that we do not have a migratory reform, he has been the President who more persons has deported, and precisely that was what happened at the dinner, a group of Hispanics interrupted him and asked him to stop the deportations, it was an inconvenient situation that he was interrupted in his speech , but at the same time necessarily, because the titular’s of the articles at national level, says: Hispanics do not believe, they do not want speeches on Immigration, they demand Obama’s actions and this represents a lot of the disappointment, of the discouragement and not believing the President, because many times he has promised us, therefore , he has a last opportunity before the end of year to act and to help the immigrants. Consult your case of Immigration, by calling 888-578-2276.

  • Danger of deportation 9/24/2014

    Deportation is the biggest danger to immigrants. It is followed by crimes and fraud. Deportation is a danger because immigration is looking for people who have orders of deportation; either at the border or with an immigration judge. These are the people who go home to look at dawn. Please note that you do not have to open to immigration even if they are knocking at the door. Take great caution with immigration with adresses. Offenses as a violation, a fight, a murder, drugs, domestic violence are serious because they cause an arrest. The police call immigration right there, and immigration can deport the person for committing a crime. Commiting a fraud such as impersonating an American citizen or pretending a marriage is also dangerous because it brings punishment that sometimes is for life with immigration. Beware of deportation, crimes that one can commit and frauds that one can do to immigration. For help with immigration call Jorge Rivera and Immigration Group at 888-578-2276.

  • Deportations on 2014 9/16/2014

    According to the Associated Press, immigration has deported 258.608 people in the last year. That is compared to the 320.167 people they had deported the previous year. This means that deportations have declined by 20 %. President Obama would like to tell Hispanics that he is responsible for the decrease in deportations, but that’s not true. The reason of the decline is that there are 240 cities across the country who have rebelled against immigration and they are not following the plan of safe communities, which requires police to detain immigrants for two days after their arrests, so immigration can go, pick them up and deport them. Therefore, this is because cities are not complying with the requirements of immigration. Consult your immigration case by calling Jorge Rivera and Immigration Group at 888-578-2276 .

  • Immigration is not your friend 9/13/2014

    Today I am going to give you an advice that is pretty strong. Some of you may be alarmed, but it is true. Immigration is not our friend. It is our adversary. I say this because many people go to immigration to be helped you with their cases, to be adviced. Imagine someone calls immigration and says: “I have entered several times crossing the border, but I have never been caught and now I want to become resident based on my American citizen wife. The advice of Immigration will be that you have to put all those arrivals and departures in the applications, even if you have not been detained by immigration at the border. Logically, they will deny your case or they will discourage you and say: “Go back to your country”. But that is not the best advice. The best advice is: “We have the right not to incriminate ourselves under the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution and, therefore, we must be careful about what we say or not it to immigration. Immigration also wants to know, for instance, in applications, if we have committed crimes for which we have not been arrested. We must take great care when dealing with immigration because they are not our friends. For help with immigration you can call Jorge Rivera and Immigration Group at 888-578-2276


  • Delay on Executive Action 9/11/2014

    The immigrant community and congressional Democrats who defend them have expressed great frustration with the announcement from the White House that the president will delay taking executive action until after the election. They feel betrayed again because there was a deadline and the president has delayed taking the decision once again. But let’s follow the calendar. There are just eight weeks missing to the election of November 4. Therefore, President Obama would have a time frame between November and December to make a decision that probably would come before Christmas, when all the country focuses on the holidays. The most appropriate time is after the elections, when there are newly elected congressmen, but they do not start ruling until January. Therefore, this would be the perfect time for the president to make a decision that does not affect the election. For help with your immigration case call Jorge Rivera and Immigration Group at 888-578-2276.

  • DACA Extension and Residence 9/5/2014

    It is important to take the first step to resolve your immigration case. There are many people who have done their family petitions for years. However, they have not obtained the residence because they have came undocumented crossing the border of the United States. Now that the White House is considering the approval of a deferred action for parents of American citizens and dreamers, it is possible that President Obama approves the work permit as well as the travel permit for all parents. With the permission to travel they will be able to leave and legally enter the United States. With that and the requests made, they could be legalized in the United States. The requests of those who have had to wait for years will be able to see the fruit now if this law is passed. The idea is to take the first step so you may eventually gather the rewards. For help with immigration call Jorge Rivera and Immigration Group at 888-578-2276.

  • Organ trafficking in Mexico 9/4/2014

    Julian was a child of 12 years. His parents were in the United States. They had the TPS and hired a coyote to bring Julian because they did not want him to go into the gangs of El Salvador. He came through Mexico but once he was there, he was grabbed and killed. They cut him into pieces to sell his organs to traffickers of human organs in Mexico, a practice that is becaming common. His parents never knew what happened, but his organs were sold at a high price for people who needed them to save their lives. Check your immigration case calling Jorge Rivera Immigration Group at 888-578-2276