A familiar petition is the foundation of the permanent residence when is made through a relative that is a citizen or resident of the United States. Only citizens or residents can make familiar petition and only to some relatives. Who made the petition and to whom, determinate in which category is the petition. Possibly, the petition is made jointly with the residence while in the other circumstances, has to be made first and wait to be approved and be a visa available for the category, to apply for the residence, if the person is illegible. The process of the familiar petition is complex, for the evidences that had to be submitted to sustain the approval. To all the petitions correspond different evidences, because there are based in different relations. The persons with deportations had to proceed to make the petition with the idea of try to reopen their case or wait for a reform if is needed. This persons at the same time, have to be careful of provided information that will help Immigration to detained them, is a very define line. Using a lawyer, you make sure that the lawyer solicitate all the needed evidence to avoid a denial and also to be sure of being the point of contact in any communication with Immigration. In deportation cases, the lawyer takes some precautions to avoid that the applicant be detained. Consult with a lawyer to take this important step in your migratory case.

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